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In the past few years the very definition of innovation has changed. With new communication channels the barrier of geography has come down, and as a result innovation has become more collaborative in nature. Earlier, great minds could work in isolation, but now great companies are focusing on identifying channels to enable shorter cycles from innovation to market delivery.

Ever since we embarked upon our journey, we have focused to utilize the power of our thought and creativity to create solutions and products that will redefine future. With an exceptional team and a collaborative approach we have been able to build and deliver ingenious solutions, applications and products. In future too, through an internal focus and collaborations with visionary organizations we would like to build innovative concepts and products that will not only create a better tomorrow, but will leave their footprints in the sands of time.

Ambrosia is one such journey…from thought to action, from creativity to innovation, from insignificance to significance…

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In the new economy, we realize that customers are increasingly demanding the flexibility that best serves their unique business requirements.[more]
I am simply amazed at the capabilities Ambrosia has developed over a period of time. Thanks for the quick turnaround time and looking forward to a long association. [more]
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